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Bio-architecture is not material and energy efficiency.
It’s so much more. It would be simplistic to see the solution of world’s environmental problems only in technology that can save our resources. Implicitly, we know that every technological advance is accompanied by an overall increase in more consumption of resources. And because sustainability is not an intrinsic characteristic of the objects, but a human choice.
And the uman chooses according to rationality and sensitivity.
This is the essential value of quality of the project. Only a project that interacts well with the context in which it is inserted, to continue in time beyond the immediate needs and trends.

So a house with 70 turns attention to context and needs of the client, a prestigious villa on consumption almost zero.
The interior is open in a new way to the front, with light flooding the premises and sent it a cozy feeling to the view outside. Part double height catch the morning light in the living room. During the day do not need to turn on the light. are super-insulated windows with triple glazing. The quality of life and relationships is impeccable.

in the main room is equipped with its own bathroom built under the stairs and light and air from a small courtyard that opens onto the roof.
The house protects island, but it is in contact with the outside world. The entrance hall is the new lighting in the atrium roof, which floods the heart of the house of light, changing the atmosphere of the premises according to the passage of days and seasons.

What was the first dark hour stay is the most comfortable bedroom. Here is the skill of the architect, in reading the customer’s wishes and know how to decline the right choices. The thresholds of the windows have been lowered to the ground. A new railing glass transparency and greater contact with the outside world.
The bins that welcomed the blinds are now thinner thanks to the new Venetian rigid, which disappear at the touch of a button in the outer coat of the house, allowing you to lift up the windows.
The new light that illuminates the ceiling of the room, with higher and more uniform brightness all over the place, especially in the deeper, where the greater the need for light.

The walls of the attic are whitewashed, the floor is earthen, heating concentrto wall.
This allows you to host in just two feet high, being able to walk barefoot with great taste and comfort.