how long holds a straw house?

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How long holds a house is the first real question that we do before choosing it.

Well now you will understand why it is also the real question that we’d have to evaluate whether what we produce, buy and use is really environmentally friendly.

Beyond consumption data, there is something less ponderable, but determining the weight that things have on the environment and ecosystem.

It ‘s the time factor, that is what a thing will last, how long the investment is amortized and diluted in terms of embodied energy production and disposal costs.

All LCA analyzes start at identical boundary conditions, in our case by a equal period for various types of houses.

But anyone (other than a technician) becomes well aware that a canvas bag and a plastic one do not have the same life expectancy and that likewise it is a pure style exercise to consider two objects starting from the simplification of an identical duration of use.

But why and what determines the lifetime of a house?

Its STRENGTH to atmospheric agents! obvious!

Then the bunker will be the right home for you.


Probably. In fact, for some homes with high aesthetic value the community, that for this function has established a special body, establishes the protection, in order to assure the duration and life extension, while for the other one’s does not.


Absolutely. Our country and our history is rich with examples of barns converted into houses or conference halls, castles used as town hall and markets becomed gathering places.

Only flexibility allows the gradual and continuous adaptation to changing functional requirements of the building.

Ask now a structural engineer to add a room to your concrete house: impossible.

Try to move a volume from one side of the house to onother: Impossible.

The wooden house, however, can be extended and adapted to the ongoing tug of family and functions vary.

No problem to add a room for the new born or move a local from south to north and vice versa, because all the walls are self-supporting.

So the real question is:

Will resist more the granitic concrete or the ductile straw?