Bio-architecture is not material and energy efficiency.
It’s so much more. It would be simplistic to see the solution of world’s environmental problems only in technology that can save our resources. Implicitly, we know that every technological advance is accompanied by an overall increase in more consumption of resources. And because sustainability is not an intrinsic characteristic of the objects, but a human choice. Continue reading “BB-house”

sustainable requalification

When you think of sustainability in all runs immediately thought to energy needs. Some people also think about other environmental issues. And stop here the most.
In reality the concept of sustainability and reduce it to very large and energy needs and environmental concerns is always reductive. The energy is certainly an important factor. The buildings must not consume more than necessary. Continue reading “sustainable requalification”

Passiv Ecologic Office Building and Energy Park

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L’intervento nasce dal desiderio di una primaria azienda nel settore delle rinnovabili di realizzare un edificio che rispecchi il settore di attività aziendale e -come l’azienda- primeggi in fatto di efficienza energetica.
Di qui la decisione di rivolgersi ad uno studio specializzato e ambire allo standard energetico passivo con criteri ecologici e un estetica accattivante e contemporanea. Continue reading “Passiv Ecologic Office Building and Energy Park”